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"Real Fact" #143

"Q" is the only letter in the alphabet not appearing in the name of any U.S. state.

"Real Fact" #142

Hawaii is the only U.S. state never to report a temperature of zero degrees F or below.

"Real Fact" #139

Hawaii is the only state with one school district.

"Real Fact" #130

Koala and humans are the only animals with unique fingerprints.

"Real Fact" #124

Seals sleep only one and a half minutes at a time.

"Real Fact" #121

The only bird that can swim and not fly is a penguin.

"Real Fact" #120

The only continent without reptiles or snakes is Antarctica.

"Real Fact" #119

The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

"Real Fact" #118

Honeybees are the only insects that create a form of food for humans.

"Real Fact" #117

The starfish is the only animal that can turn its stomach inside out.