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"Real Fact" #903

The first TV toy commercial aired in 1946 for Mr. Potato Head.

"Real Fact" #900

Neckties were first worn in Croatia, which is why they were called cravats.

"Real Fact" #861

South Carolina is home to the first tea farm in the U.S.

"Real Fact" #860

Cleveland, OH is home to the first electric traffic lights.

"Real Fact" #858

New Jersey is home to the world's first drive-in movie theater.

"Real Fact" #851

Miami installed the first ATM for rollerbladers.

"Real Fact" #849

New York was the first state to require cars to have license plates.

"Real Fact" #457

The first traffic light was in use in London in 1868, before the advent of cars.

"Real Fact" #329

The world's first escalator was built in Coney Island, NY, in 1896.

"Real Fact" #289

In 1908, the first lollipop-making machine started in New Haven, CT.