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"Real Fact" #1022

Miami installed the first ATM for inline skaters.

"Real Fact" #1021

Benjamin Franklin invented flippers.

"Real Fact" #1011

Norway once knighted a penguin.

"Real Fact" #1007

OMG was added to dictionaries in 2011, but its first known use was in 1917.

"Real Fact" #1006

Ancient Chinese warriors would show off to their enemies before battle, by juggling.

"Real Fact" #992

The patent for the fire hydrant was destroyed in a fire.

"Real Fact" #991

The Chicago river flows backwards; the flow reversal project was completed in 1900.

"Real Fact" #990

Chicago is named after smelly garlic that once grew in the area.

"Real Fact" #987

The first American gold rush happened in North Carolina, not California.

"Real Fact" #985

All of the major candidates in the 1992, 1996, and 2008 U.S. presidential elections were left-handed.