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"Real Fact" #1022

Miami installed the first ATM for inline skaters.

"Real Fact" #996

Sea otters hold each other's paws while sleeping so they don't drift apart.

"Real Fact" #991

The Chicago river flows backwards; the flow reversal project was completed in 1900.

"Real Fact" #984

When creating a mummy, Ancient Egyptians removed the brain by inserting a hook through the nostrils.

"Real Fact" #976

'K' was chosen to stand for a strikeout in baseball because 'S' was being used to denote a sacrifice.

"Real Fact" #972

The name of the city of Portland, Oregon was decided by a coin toss. The name that lost was Boston.

"Real Fact" #966

Tennis was originally played with bare hands.

"Real Fact" #952

Queen Isabella I of Spain, who funded Columbus' voyage across the ocean, claimed to have only bathed twice in her life.

"Real Fact" #946

It is against the law to use "The Star Spangled Banner" as dance music in Massachusetts.

"Real Fact" #940

Forty percent of twins invent their own language.