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"Real Fact" #373

Endocarp is the edible pulp inside a lemon.

"Real Fact" #371

Grapes are the most popular fruit in the world.

"Real Fact" #370

Heat, not sunlight, ripens tomatoes.

"Real Fact" #361

The pineapple is a very big berry.

"Real Fact" #360

Mexican jumping beans jump to get out of sunlight.

"Real Fact" #354

Bamboo can grow three feet in one day.

"Real Fact" #344

Leonardo da Vinci discovered that a tree's rings reveal its age.

"Real Fact" #342

California and Arizona grow approximately 95% of the fresh lemons in the U.S.

"Real Fact" #340

There is an underground mushroom in Oregon that measures 3.5 miles across.

"Real Fact" #338

Of all the trees in Australia, 75% are eucalyptus.